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Launching the New gOEbase

Written by Scott Tannenbaum on .

I'm proud to announce a major upgrade and modernization of gOEbase, our toolkit for internal consultants. We're psyched about the update and think the enhancements make gOEbase even better. Continue reading to learn the story behind the New gOEbase. goebase unveil

gOE turns 30!

Written by Scott Tannenbaum on .

I usually write about research or experiences involving teams outside of gOE. But in this blog entry, I'll say a few words about our own team. This year we celebrate our company's 30th anniversary! Little did we know when we launched gOE in 1987 we'd have such a long, cool ride. gOE Logo large

Coaching...Is more better?

Written by Scott Tannenbaum on .

Coaching Compass Photo

Team leaders are increasingly expected to coach their team members. But can they do this effectively? Is “more coaching” better in all circumstances? Let’s see what the research can tell us about coaching frequency, skills, and effectiveness in organizational settings.  

Is trust "nice-to-have" or a business imperative?

Written by Scott Tannenbaum on .

Trust photo

We've all been taught that trust is important at work. But does trust really matter or is it simply "nice-to-have"?

Does trust, or lack of it, affect team performance and impact the bottom line? Do some teams need it more than others do? Does trust in your team members matter or is trusting your team leader enough? Let's examine what team science can tell us about these questions...

Science of Teamwork Video – Talk at NASA

Written by Scott Tannenbaum on .

Teamwork isn't easy. Fortunately, there is an increasing body of solid empirical research that examines team effectiveness, what we refer tScott-NASA smallo as the "Science of Teamwork."

As part of NASA's Innovation Lecture series, I had the chance to give a talk on the Science of Teamwork at the Johnson Space Center. I shared what the research reveals about the drivers of team effectiveness, and described some of the psychological principles that underlie teamwork. I also summarized findings from three years of team research we've been conducting at NASA and engaged in a Q&A with the audience.

Want to see the video?